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    – What is your favourite after five drink? Well at the moment due to a new baby alcoholic beverages have been put on hold. Although I am looking forward to enjoying a mojito when the time comes or even a refreshing Chambord, lime and lemonade….delicious!!!


    –¬†Your favourite weekend getaway? Camping…nothing is better then getting back to nature with my family. If we are lucky enough to just have husband and wife time we love escaping to Byron Bay for some fun and great music.


    –¬†Favourite restaurant?To be honest I am not a restaurant fan. I tend to over criticize and I have high expectations so I tend to leave disappointed. To me the ultimate meal is being at home with friends and family enjoying a seafood barbecue with fresh mud crabs, prawns and moreton bay bugs. Followed by homemade cookies and cream cheesecake…yum!!! I am so glad its summer time fresh seafood everywhere.


    – What can we find you eating for breakfast on a Sunday morning? I will never pass up the opportunity to have a big traditional breakfast. I think we might be eating too many lately.


    – Your favourite wedding story? My own!!! This is the short version- My husband(who is Zambian) and I met in London and we fell pregnant very early on. After the birth of our son myself and our son were refused entry back into The UK. So we spent many months apart whilst I went and lived in South Africa with his family who I had never met. This was rather daunting but I was made to feel very welcome. My husband would fly out when he could always surprising me for a quick visit. It was on one of our long distance phone calls when we realised the only way that we could be together would be to get married. My husbands Mum had planned our engagement party and a week before we went to Cape Town where we were lucky enough to find a jeweler to design and make my engagement ring in 24 hours. Still having not been officially asked to marry my now husband(Brad) he did so by asking me in front of 200 of his family and friends in Johannesburg. For ourselves and his family this was so memorable as only a handful would be there for our wedding.


    So only 3 months later from South Africa and Brisbane I had planned our wedding in Rockingham, Perth. We are both very close to our families and had decided on a very intimate wedding. After years of planning elaborate weddings for other couples I had a clear picture of what I wanted, thankfully Brad went along with it. We hired a large holiday home that was located opposite from a pristine beach that could fit both of our families in. Downstairs there was a large entertaining deck and front yard. On the day of the wedding I kicked everyone out except for my bridal party and we created an African inspired cocktail reception. All of my decorations were bought when I lived in South Africa and I wanted to represent a part of both of ourselves, this being the countries we grew up in. I only had to walk 10 metres to the ceremony held on the beach and then walk back across the road for the reception, which meant more time partying. We had a great caterer who did our food and also made our 50 guests very happy with a large range of our favourite cocktails.


    It was such a quick journey to get to our special day and an even quicker wedding day. But I will never forget how excited I was, not to finally plan my own wedding but to marry the man I love. So now after only 4 short years of marriage I still remember our special day as the best wedding I have planned as it reflected ourselves together and the journey we took to get there. This is what I try to express to my couples, the importance to showcase who you are as a couple. Which allows your loved ones an insight into who you both are as a couple and not individuals.