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    “Courtney is amazing at what she does, she took the time to really “get us” and our style … she helped tie everything together! From little details to help with vendors, we couldn’t have done it without her.

    We would recommend her to anyone getting married. She really takes care of every detail and made everything thing so easy. We were so lucky to have her so we could actually enjoy our wedding day.

    We were so impressed that at the end of the night when we got back to our room, all our gifts were there, along with two pieces of our wedding cake, two bags filled with goodies from our lolly bar and a bottle of champagne.

    We had a fabulous time at our wedding and we can’t thank Courtney enough xx”


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    “Courtney worked her butt off to make our big day everything we were hoping for. She went above and beyond our expectations more than once and hooked us up with some incredible contacts. Courtney even found our venue, the amazing Capriole Estates. She took my jumbled ideas about what I wanted and actually made sense of it. She ‘got me’ (people trust me…. that is a gift). Courtney is one of those lucky people who have what I like to call ‘the creative eye’ and can interpret other people’s styles. Thank you Courtney for everything you did for us. Much love, Lorenne and Lee xx”


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    “Dear Courtney,

    Thank you so much for the amazing, fun and stress-free baby shower you perfectly planned and hosted for me. Everything from the invites to the decorations were creative and added a professional touch to a casual event. The girls and I especially loved the games and I appreciated being able to relax and enjoy the day!

    Thank you!!! Xx”


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    “Dear Courtney,
    A huge thank you for being such an amazing ‘extra hand’ at our wedding! Everything went off without a hitch and you were a blessing. From organizing the groom and groomsmen to lunch for the girls you were there to think of and do all the jobs that help made the day run smoothly. I would definitely recommend you for anyone looking for a wedding planner with attention to detail and a friendly attitude who was able to be apart of the big day behind the scenes! Thanks again! Caitlin and Adam”
    — at Hyatt Sanctuary Cove.


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    “Dear Courtney,

    Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas, creativity & hard work in making sure our wedding looked good & ran smoothly. I had a fabulous, stress free day thanks to you & your helpers. Your marshmallow tree was so gorgeous – everyone loved it!

    Lots of Love,

    Amy & Brendan”


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    “Hi Courtney,

    We can’t thank you enough for Saturday, you did an unbelievably amazing job particularly in the conditions that you had to put up with. Everything just went so well I couldn’t have imagined it any better. I think everyone had a fantastic time and that was really because of your hard work. Geraldine and I were too blown away by your help.

    Thank you again Alex and Geraldine.”


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    If anyone i know is getting married and they ask me about my wedding, i tell them they need to get Courtney! My wedding day was flawless and that was entirely her fault. Everything was so perfect that i couldn’t even say it ran smoothly because honestly i didn’t even know about the running of the day at all! That was courtney’s job, and what a fabulous job she did. From answering questions from a hundred guests like, “where do we go now”, to “excuse me is this meal gluten free?” she cared for every one of my guests not just me! She was there first thing in the morning with breakfast and calm words and made sure the boys were behaving and when the photographer turned up early she calmly took him to the boys first to give me more time. By liaising with my photographer she was able to make sure i got every picture of my guests that i wanted after the ceremony without me having to be worried about who’s in what photo where, i just laughed and cried happy tears and enjoyed my hugs and congratulations while she organised everything around us. Apparently my cake was so late showing up the kitchen was panicking and courtney sorted the whole “incident” out and i never even knew about that until a week after! She did a hundred other things for me on the day but she’s so good i still don’t know much about what went on at all! i was too busy being ridiculously happy and celebrating! When i booked the Venue, they said that they had a “wedding team” that would look after us on the day. well i’m so glad i had courtney because all they truly did at the venue was unlock the chapel door an hour before hand and that was about it! Courtney did everything else! The main reason i loved having her was that there are so many things that just come up on the day and i really didn’t want my friends and family to have to deal with it as much as i didn’t want to! of course my bridesmaids or my mum would have been happy to sort out the case of the missing cake for example, but how could they when i wanted them to be as care free and and relaxed as me! Courtney also helped me with beautiful ideas for the reception and organised a polaroid book full of photos of all my guests having fun and dressing up in hats and feather boas and fancy glasses and moustaches! She also organised a canvas with a bare tree painted on and everyone stamped their thumbs into ink and put leaves on our tree with their name next to it. the polaroid book and tree are two of my most treasured keepsakes from the most wonderful day of my life. i can not thank Courtney enough. She was a huge part of why our wedding was truly perfect. Trust me. Just hire her. she’s worth her weight in gold.

    Claire and Grant


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    Hi Courtney!
    We just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything on Sat, you did such a great job organising us rabble. We couldn’t have done it without you! And the polaroid photos look awesome, such a great idea! Thank you for taking everyone’.

    Tamara Hutton